Policies for Vendors




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A Fairfield Farmers’ Market Advisory Board is selected by the vendors. There are 7 voting members selected. 4 Vendor members and 3 non vendors. Seven membershold a 3-year term and the president of the board holds a 3-year term. Ex-officio non-voting members are the Market Promoters.

Voting privileges for vendors are earned on a yearly basis by attending the market 10 or more times during one market season or by paying the $300 seasonal fee. Votes occur annually at the spring vendor meeting.


The market is intended to provide an opportunity for individuals to sell approved items, which are produced or manufactured by them in their garden, farm or home. Vendors may sell only those products that are approved items and that are grown or made by them. The offering for sale of any item acquired from others, either for resale or on consignment, is not permitted. Vendors selling items other than their own will be removed from the market.


The outdoor summer market season will start on the first Saturday of May and end on the last market day of October. The indoor winter market season will begin the first Saturday in November and end the last Saturday in April.


The outdoor summer market will be held on the following dates:
 Wednesday evening from 3:00 p.m. to 6 p.m. at SE corner of Central Park (Burlington and S Court Street)
 Saturday morning 8 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on the west side or east side of Howard Park, at Main and Grimes Street, (located 3 blocks north of the city square), or on Grimes street in the case of rain.
  The indoor winter market will be held on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m.to 1:00 p.m. at (TBD)


The starting time will be signaled by the market master according to the Jefferson County Courthouse Clock located on the Courthouse south of the park. Vendors may start setting up one hour before the market begins.


Spaces will be pre assigned. The vendor must set up by 8:00 am. If not the space will be reassigned, unless market board is notified. The vendor space shall be kept clean and free of debris at all times. The use of logos/identification on flags, umbrellas, canopies, display signs, and banners thematic to the product and image of the Farmers Market is permissible and encouraged.


DAILY FEE $8.00-Wednesdays $10.00-Saturdays
DAILY FEE WITH ELECTRICITY $10.00-Wednesdays $12.00-Saturdays
SEASONAL FEE WITH ELECTRICITY-Vendors will pay $300.00 for the season by the end of May plus $2.00 each time they vend and use electricity.

Vendors are to Pay daily fee to Market Master before setting up.

The seasonal fee must be paid by the last day of market in May, $8/$10 for each day attended before payment plus electricity if applicable. All vendors who pay the daily fee
should have money to pay the fee when the person in charge of collecting comes to their booth, rather than expecting that person to come back and collect after a sale has been made and they have money. Board members will be responsible to collect the fees, deposit
the funds and turn the deposit slip in to Graf & Company.

DUMPING FEES ….$25.00 – for vendors who show up at markets to sell one product. If they come back their next fees will come out of the $25.00 until it is a zero balance then they will pay the regular market fees.


• Meat, meat products, fish, poultry. NO “PET FOOD”
* Dairy products (examples: homemade butter, raw milk, ice cream, cheese). These have to come from licensed facilities.
• Soft pies, custard pies, meat pies or bakery products with custard or cream type fillings.
• Home canned fruits, vegetables (with the exception of jams and jellies)
* Home processed foods (examples: salsa, egg rolls, etc.)
• Cider that has not been pasteurized.
* Resale products from auctions, warehouses, or other farms/houses (unless you are employed by the farm).


The following products may be sold at farmers market to consumers without being licensed as a food establishment at the market location:
1) Fresh fruits and vegetables
a. Must be washed and stored in clean containers, displayed at least 6 in. off the ground.
b. lf bagged, the bags should not be tied or fastened. According to state regulations bagged produce should be open at the top.
c. Produce being labeled ORGANIC or TRANSITIONAL ORGANIC must be Verified, prior to selling as such, with market board and be prepared to produce records and
certification upon request of buyers or vendors. A copy of certification MUST BE turned in with you registration packet. NO EXCEPTIONS!
d. If you claim to be CERTIFIED ORGANIC you must display your yellow star provided to designate your booth as a VERIFIED CERTIFIED Organic vendor.
2) Baked goods (except soft meat pies & bakery products with custard or cream fillings.)
a. Must be completely wrapped, covered, bagged or boxed.
b. Must be labeled with: Product name, List of ingredients in order of predominance (by weight), Net weight or volume (if applicable), Name and address of the manufacturer,packer or distributor (Unless the name given is the actual manufacturer, it must be
accompanied by a phrase which states the product is manufactured for or distributed by…
3) Fresh Shell Eggs
a. Cooled and kept cool at 45 degrees F or below.
b. NOT stored/sold in USDA certified containers.
4) Honey
5) Flowers and Plants
6) Handicrafts (made by the vendor only)
7) Non-potentially hazardous food products
These are products that do not require refrigeration, since they are shelf-stable. These products can be prepared in the home, to be sold for consumption off-the-premise.
Some examples of products that can be prepared in the home for direct sale to consumer customers include: jams, jellies and dried noodles.
8) Special services as approved by the Fairfield Farmers Market Advisory Board.


Food items must be displayed at least 6 inches off the ground. The vendor/grower shall at all times keep the vendor’s space, including the surrounding area, clean and free of debris.


All vendors are expected to conduct themselves properly. Rudeness, loud, profane language, arguing, or harassment will be considered violations and grounds for revoking the vendors permit, and vendors shall refrain from boisterous calls to draw attention to themselves or their product.


The Market, The Market Board, and the City of Fairfield will not be responsible for accidents or lost articles. Liability insurance is the responsibility of each vendor.


Each vendor must sign a waiver of responsibility and indemnity agreement, and a local product policy agreement. The agreements will be valid for the season and is to be signed and returned to a market board member no later than the first market time attended by the vendor.


Each seller is responsible to file sales tax statements where applicable. All sales are to be by container or item, not by weight, unless approved scales are used. The
vendor/grower shall be responsible for providing uncontaminated, bacteria free product/produce, using recommended standard sanitary practices. The vendor/grower shall not sublet their space to anyone. The vendor/grower shall remove all personal equipment and product/produce upon departure, and all trash produced during the course of doing business. Vendor is responsible for collecting and remitting any and all sales and other taxes as required by law.


Groups within schools, churches, and other civic organizations are allowed to set up at the Farmers Market with a limitation to 6 visits each year. If selling something and making a profit at the market you will be required to pay the vendor fee.